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About Atwater, & Brian Co.

Atwater, Brian & Co. is a full-service marketing and event management company making waves in South Florida. 

As a company, our culture of collaboration and respect creates trust with our partners as we work together to redefine the possibilities and potential of their brand or event. 

Our passion for delivering innovative and memorable events and experiences makes us a lot of fun to work with.

With the hope to be known for their active engagement with philanthropic projects in their community, it comes as no surprise that Atwater and Brian would build their new business with corporate social responsibility in mind. Atwater, Brian & Co. accepts applications for pro-bono marketing assistance and serves on boards and committees for organizations that are near and dear to their “Hearts.” Charitable causes representing their core values include H – Health Services, E – Education & Art, A – Animal Welfare, R – Research & Public Policy, and T – Trafficking & Human Services.

Our Mission


To innovate, influence and inspire.

Our Mantra


Get it done and do it well.

Meet The Team

Amyleigh Atwater

Amyleigh Atwater

Events & Marketing Guru

Jason Brian

Jason Brian

Tech & Marketing Mogul

Our Portfolio

Behavioral Sightings


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whistle marketing

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