Digital Marketing

Atwater, Brian & Co. Digital Marketing

We’re data driven and creatively inspired. Effective digital marketing requires research, strategy, and creative thinking to deliver immediate ROI while building a long-term brand. Atwater, Brian & Co. uses robust analytics to review, refine and repeat successful campaigns.

Social Media

Atwater, Brian & Co. specializes in organic and paid social media marketing to build your brand awareness and campaign on social platforms.

Email Campaigns

Atwater, Brian & Co. attracts attention to busy inboxes by creating email content that generates web traffic, leads and sign ups.


Text Messaging

Atwater, Brian & Co.’s text messaging campaigns are the fastest way to get information including coupons and special offers into the hands of your customers.

Paid Search

Atwater, Brian & Co’s experience with successful paid search campaigns has brought exponential growth in web traffic and phone calls.


Atwater, Brian & Co.’s SEO strategy is proven to help brands rank in competitive markets.


Atwater, Brian & Co. can set up a pay-per-click advertising campaign for you today! Keywords that best represent your business, brand, or current campaign is a great way to drive traffic and increase your ROI.

Call Tracking

Atwater, Brian & Co.’s call recording allows you to get a better idea of where to spend your efforts, whether that’s on your staff, your marketing assets or your product development. Recording phone calls can help businesses exceed their own expectations and achieve success.


Atwater, Brian & Co. believes analytics are crucial to develop a successful marketing campaign.


Logo Design

At Atwater, Brian & Co., we formulate identities based on research and design to make your brand relevant now and positioned for tomorrow.

Digital Display Ad Design

Atwater, Brian & Co. will design digital advertisements that are visually compelling with a very clear call-to-action.

Affiliate Marketing

Atwater, Brian & Co. leverages existing relationships with affiliate networks and courts potential affiliates that best represent our client’s brand in the digital space and that will drive online traffic and increased conversions.

Influencer Marketing

Atwater, Brian & Co. recruits and mobilizes brand ambassadors to increase brand exposure through influencer marketing, driving organic web traffic and online sales.

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